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Human resource

Customer service engineer

Job Requirements:

1. Above 22 years old, technical secondary school or above, computer or other related majors;

2. Skilled in using computer;

3. Sharp-spoken, quick-minded, able to handle complex customer relationships well;

4. Strong execution ability, able to effectively complete various tasks arranged by superiors;

5. Strong sense of teamwork, strong subjective ability, strong sense of responsibility;

6, able to adapt to business trips;

7. Fresh graduates are preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Cooperate with sales staff to do pre-sales guidance;

2. Product installation, training, and after-sales technical support for new customers;

3. Visit users regularly as required to maintain customer relations;

4. Sales of product accessories.

Foreign trade sales:

Job Requirements:

1. Fluent English (preferably bilingual), able to communicate and negotiate with foreign clients freely;

2. Overseas living, studying and working background is preferred;

3. International sales experience in medical device industry is preferred;

4. Strong pressure resistance, strong business development ability and learning ability;

5. Fresh graduates in international trade, business and marketing are also acceptable.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for sales and market development of the region;

2. Establish and maintain relations with foreign agents (dealers);

3. Responsible for planning and implementing the company's international brand image;

4. Plan and implement international trade exhibitions;

5. Communicate and coordinate with foreign clients or relevant hospitals;

6.Receive and handle complaints from international customer service and assist agents in product maintenance;

7. Provide technical support to agents or foreign hospitals (mainly remote guidance, including product installation guidance, operation training and fault repair).

Resident sales: (Wuhan)

Job Requirements:

1. Early market development and product promotion;

2. Introduce products to end users and conduct secondary development;

3. Product installation training, customer return visit;

4. Provide customers with the best product solutions according to the characteristics of customer needs;

5. Other work assigned by the superior.

Job requirements:

1. High school degree or above, no restriction on major;

2. Medical device related working experience is preferred;

3. Strong language skills, proficient in operating computers and other related electronic equipment;

4. Outgoing personality and strong affinity.

People who is interested can send a resume directly to l.zhao@biox.com.cn