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Service policy

Biox put the customer’s demand at the 1st place. We highly focus on the quality of our products as well as the Customer Service.

Every customer who has purchased from Biox will be recorded in our Database. And will enjoy the following services:

Training & Technology consulting

1. Our customer service staff will train the medical operating people by remote control till he can operate independently.

2.We have spcially-assigned person who will answer the customers’ consulting so that they can get instant resolution.

After-sale Service

1.We Biox maintain our products for the lifelong. One year’s warranty for monitor and 3-months’ warranty for accessories. (Contract is exception);

2. Maintains for lifelong after the warranty and we only charge the cost price.

3.Update of the software (same version) for free around the lifetime.

4. Hardware and software faults caused by misoperation and human factors are not included in this warranty. But you can also get our paid service.

Customer Service Line:0510-85884900-8115,8116,8117,8118,8119

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